Saturday, November 24, 2012

21 Days - The Journey Begins

Hi, I'm Midge (the midlife) angel and my job is to help women like you and me become all that we want to be and accomplish. 

May sound like I'm being corny but seriously... No matter what age you're at it --- today is really the first day of the rest of your life. 

And who says it has to be so dang serious as we go along this journey called life. Girlfriend, ya just gotta lighten up. Have fun, relax, laugh and enjoy the process. 

Well, one of first projects is helping Debi, the person who draws me, get healthier. She's 59, overweight, bad knees and she drives me nutz. Do you know how many times she's been trying to drop those pounds and get healthy??? Like a bazillion!!!

She has joined more weight loss things, and bought more diet books, and tried more diets than most people I know. Except for me, I think I got her beat on that one.Yeah, yeah yeah... I gotta a few pounds to lose myself. But I do have some heavenly advice.

Hello-o-o-o it's not about a diet. Remember: Diet Bad - Food Good. 
And Good Food is tasty, yummy, and the key is right control the food - 
so the food doesn't control you. 

It's been 21 days today since Debi decided to take the journey with me to get healthier. 
Why haven't I let her post anything during this time? Well... because usually by now she throws in the towel.

For the last 21 days Debi's logged her food in every day, every bite, every morsel. Cringed at the bad days and celebrated (the few) good ones. She joined a gym, though she hasn't gone much due to an injured knee, but no matter, at least she made the commitment. She took the time to see a nutritionist, and even decided to work with a coach. 

Debi said it's not about the looks anymore, it's about being healthy! She wants her knees to stop aching, her back to stop hurting and to be able to run and play with her grandson. 
That's her motivation!

Well her journey has started. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit and she made it. I'll keep ya posted on her progress and if I can help you with some tips, hints and some good laughs along the way, then my mission is accomplished.

You can do it too... Love, Midge The Angel


  1. I love this!! Krystie

    1. Thanks... and so glad to be with you on this journey. Great before and after photos on your site: