Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Choose Wisely Grasshopper!

Hi, it’s me Midge again. As you know I’m trying to help Debi reach her weight goals. Well the first holiday obstacle she faced was Thanksgiving.
And nope she didn’t make it.
She was under the ole tryptophan turkey curse.
You know the one where you swear you will not overeat, that you’ll stick to your plan.

But sometime after the mashed potatoes and gravy it just becomes a blur.

Before you know it you're lying on the couch like a beached whale because you've just eaten enough food to feed a small country somewhere.

What makes sane strong people succumb to the whiles of turkey stuffing, and cranberry sauce? Why do we go fork first with wild abandon over the allure of the pumpkin pie, and the seduction of that second piece of cheesecake...Why?
They say you should focus on the people and not on the food. Okay, now what if the people you are spending the holidays with drive you crazy.
I think Debi opted for the tryptophan haze over dealing with reality.
But alas, the overeating didn’t make the nutsy relatives go away, all it did was add more poundage to her backside and a ton of quilt for not sticking to her plan. Was it worth it… nah, I think she’ll think twice the next time.
This holiday may have been a disaster but we are looking at it as training for the big cahoona aka: Christmas.

We’ve got 4 weeks to stay on track, exercise… you know move a muscle, change a thought. We are going to treat this like boot camp.We are not defeated, we press on… next time she will choose wisely.
Got any suggestions on things that have helped you thru the holidays?

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