Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Turning 60.... Yikes!!!

I am shocked at how fast time flies by. Debi is turning 60 today. 

It seems like yesterday she was worried that she looked too fat when she weighed only 115lbs. My thighs weigh more than that.

Can we say distorted body image. Can we just slap that girl silly.

Now I just tell her, "Honey, just look at yourself in the mirror from the neck up" 

Okay, I know that can be a little scary considering some of the outfits she's put on without the aid of a mirror. I honestly think that's how "Wal-martians" show up... no full length mirrors at home.

So today's her birthday and reality hit, she is
officially 60 years old today. And at times it gets her depressed that life hasn't really turned out exactly like she wanted it too. But since I got the big guys ear, I told her...  It's turned out exactly the way God wanted it to turn out for you. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

All that's happened has just molded you into the person you needed to be. Hey you just don't know who's life you can touch and help because of what you have gone thru.

And the weight part.. I told her you never stop dreaming.
Remember if you believe it, you can still achieve it... no matter how old you are.

So, last night I pulled her off the couch, ripped the container of ice cream out of her hands, brushed the crumbs off her face and said "No more pity party... let's get working" And off to the gym we went. She went, she worked out.. and she liked it. 

Sometimes we all just need a little push...

And some Fairy Tales can really come true... you just gotta work at it.
What's your wish?

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