Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's amazing! I can't believe it! She's actually sticking it to this time. 
She really is -- woo-hoo!

As you know I am helping Debi with her struggle to lose those extra pounds and I have to say she's doing pretty good. I guess she really did hit her bottom. Today she is on Day 16 of her journey and she's lost 3lbs. but the best part is, is that she's exercising.

She finally got off the couch and starting moving. (And not towards the refrigerator)

Like all of us who have had to lose weight 3lbs. doesn't seem like a lot of weight when you have a real lot to lose (like Debi), but honestly every bit helps. 

Look at how gross fat is... Each hand on the right is holding 1 pound of fat. That's three 3lbs!! Wow, more than I thought it would be.

Just think if you only lost one (1) pound a week, every week for the next year, you would have lost 52 pounds. And because you took it off slowly and sensibly you probably will keep it off. Also, you have to remember you are not dieting... you are just changing how you eat. You're just making better food choices and you're deciding to get active.

It's one day at a time, one step at a time...  you can do it!

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