Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sometimes you have to stop exercising

If you start exercising and have severe or unusual pain or aches that last for a long time afterwards... please stop. 

Your body is trying to tell you something, like maybe you need to change your exercise program.

Starting any new exercise program is not easy especially if you have some physical limitations. And Debi found that out the hard way. 

Over the past year she's have been having major problems with her knees and legs. Gone to lots of doctors, had tons of tests and they still can't find out what it is. All she knows is that any walking, or exercising that has any type of impact at all kills her legs and knees. The pain is unbearable and she literally suffers for days afterwards. So what she use to do isn't working right now. And that was depressing for her.

So for the last month it's been trial and error finding out what "she can do".

After trying classes at the gym and numerous exercise dvd's she finally found something that not only works but she really, really loves it. It's Tai Cheng from Beachbody.  It's Tai Chi but with Dr. Mark Cheng's  "Dynamic Motion Control". Not sure how to really explain it, but he takes people thru 90 days from basics right on up. It's like having a teacher right in your living room or on your cloud (If you're an angel like me that is). 

Debi's only completed week 1 so far, but she has no aches, no pain, and she says she feels great... and best of all she's not bored and it's really relaxing. She said that it kinda reminds her of ballet, you know controlled smooth motions that work.

I'm not saying this is for you... but it's working great for her and maybe it can help you or someone you know. Why not check out the short video below or click here.

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