Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's the best time to exercise?

Are you falling asleep just thinking of exercising?

You're not lazy... maybe you're just working out the wrong time of day!
Did you know that there is no reliable evidence that one time of day is better than the other to exercise? 

The most important thing is to just find a time of day that you can stick with so that your exercise becomes a habit.  

Simple... if it doesn't fit into your schedule and when you have the most energy, you won't do it. And that's just what happened to Debi - she picked the wrong time and she stopped exercising on a regular basis.You really have to make it work with your body clock.

For example, take Debi, she's a morning person but she was doing her exercises late afternoon and in the evening. Wrong move for her! 

By the afternoon or evening she was tired and also no matter how well intentioned she was, other things, work, etc. just squeezed it out. So she decided to go back to mornings and it's working for her. She's normally up at 5:30am, has her tea, her quiet time and then she's ready to work out. She pops in her exercise DVD and before you know it she's done, showered and ready to get to work.

But that doesn't mean that the morning is your time to exercise!
You have to find the time that's the best for you

For some people it's lunch time, or right after work. You have to find the best time for you, so it might be a good idea to try different times of the day to see what works for you and your energy level. Try the morning for a few weeks, then noon, then after work or the early evening. What time felt better for you? 

Once you find "Your Exercise Time" you'll be more consistent and your exercise program will just become a part of daily routine.

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