Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fairy tales can come true

The new years here and like always we make tons of resolutions, some crazy and some that are doable. 

The number one being, "I'm Gonna Lose Weight". Then it's "I'm gonna exercise every day". 

Sales for every diet plan soars and the gyms are packed to the rafters. We all go gang busters into this and within weeks it's all forgotten. But it doesn't have to be. 

Maybe it's time to really set some realistic goals for ourselves. Goals that we need, we want and that we can do.

Like Midge, we all dream of those thin tight thighs, the stomach you can bounce a quarter off of. But is it realistic? What can you be happy with?

And no you're not settling. The reality is, is that as we get older it gets tougher to drop those pounds and tighten that butt, but ask yourself what do you really want? Isn't getting healthier and feeling better what it's really about in the long run. Without your health what do you have?

So think about it. Do you want to walk up those stairs without huffing and puffing?  Could losing 10, 20, or even more pounds make a marked difference on those aching knees? And what about your back?

So before you get yourself all crazy take a minute to think. What goals do I really want to hit? Are they realistic? The last thing you need to do is set yourself up for failure.

So take some time before you start to really think about what your goals are and I'm sure if you set them realistically you will be able to reach them.
Fairy Tales Can Come True...

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