About Me

Who Am I?
Hi... my name is Debi Hamuka-Falkenham and I'm a full time / professional Humorous Illustrator (aka: Cartoonist) and Creative Writer. 

So you're probably wondering saying to yourself who the heck is Debi and what the heck does she know about losing weight.

Well, let me tell you... I know absolutely nothing! 
That's right nothing! But I sure know a heck of a lot about gaining weight. 

I'm just a 63 year old divorced single mom who happens to be a artist that works out of her home studio and who is never far away from that darn refrigerator. 

My hips have expanded, my hair is dyed, I need glasses, my back hurts and I'm constantly working on trying to lose those extra pounds that have made their home on my backside and any other place they can find. And more times than I can count, I lose those pounds and then they find me again, and they tend to bring more of their friends. Arghhh!

So I decided to start this blog to share parts of my weight loss - get healthy journey, and to also share some of my fun designs about this journey of mine. 

Thanks for joining in the fun...

PS: If you want to see what kind of stuff I do please visit my website at: 

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